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Performance Textile Today

Be it hitting the gym early in the day or preparing to climb Mount Everest, consumers today expect their apparel to not just look cool but also provide sufficient protection against the elements. They also expect performance but not at the cost of fashion. Even parents of toddlers on the playground happily splurge more on a piece of clothing that has abrasion resistant treatment. Textile performance matters just as much as the looks today.

One key area where performance textiles today play a major role is in the outdoors. Folks who love their outdoor activities tend to invest heavily in the right set of attire and gear. Much of the technology used in making these gears comes from the development seen in performance textile industry. As a new performance textile innovation becomes common place among athletes and lifestyle gurus, the common public begins to adopt them and that is when the innovation kick-starts its profitable period of existence.

Waterproof running shoes, breathable jackets, moisture-wicking base layers are all a product of this relentless pursuit of fabric makers to beat the competition and innovate something that performance fanatics will love.

“Consumers today have high expectations from the stuff they buy”, said Gary, CEO of Vacuum Sealer Land, who reviews vacuum sealers and specializes in a specific textile solution that helps keep any surface dry. “If computing power doubles with each generation exponentially then performance textile triples with each new generation of innovation”.

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