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Fujairah Textile Factory Four Years Down The Line

Approximately 4 years back in 2012, Fujairah known best for its ports and beachside resorts launched the biggest ever textile factory in all of the Middle East. It was a rather monumental project with a huge capacity to produce over 10,000 tons of cotton each year. The cost of building this factory was covered by the Azerbaijan Government in partnership with the government of Fujairah.

Production today is well over 13,000 tons daily and the factory boasts of an impressive list of importers as its clients. US, Australia, Armenia and even major textile producing countries such as India, Bangladesh too rely on this factory to offset their shortage in cotton textiles.

At the time of building this factory, the proponents justified the project citing excellent connectivity and road conditions, presence of an active port and low overhead costs of operation as their major reasons. The four years since has proven these beliefs to be true as Fuhairah now ranks among the top cotton fabric exporters and raw cotton importers across the Middle East.

The plants are currently scheduled for upgrades and new machinery although back in 2012, the technology in use was top notch but the local government does not want to lose out to new mega factories in other parts of the world due to technical limitations.

Earlier, the factory managed to produce fabric that was used in the garment and clothing industry. Some of it was also designed for the knitting furniture industry, as well as the Inversion Table Industry, but after the latest round of upgrades, it will make forays into the world of technical textiles.

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