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The Best Karaoke Songs To Sing

Karaoke Songs

Who doesn’t love Karaoke? Okay, some of us enjoy being the singer and not the listener. The point is Karaoke does more for you than just provide some fun, and if you have your own karaoke machine – that’s even better! Singing has a variety of benefits associated with it. These advantages include mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I know you are wondering where are the songs. I am getting to them, but first, let’s explore the benefits a little more.

Spiritual Benefits

Meditation is letting go of all stress, thoughts, and concerns. When you sing, your mind shifts from daily life thoughts to nothing but the song. This change is a form of meditation.

Have you ever experienced the soul returning to the body after an amazing song? Singing is spiritual in that it gives you that out of body experience.

Emotional Benefits

Singing allows you to release strong emotions. These emotions can be joy, sadness, love, etc. With this release, you can avoid emotional blockages. Singing makes a person feel emotionally better.

Mental Benefits

Learning to sing requires a lot of mental work. I know not all of us can be great singers, but I am talking about the process of singing. When you learn to sing, you have to sing the right word, at the time, at the correct pitch, at the best volume and have good voice quality. This process takes mental energy to complete correctly.

Physical Benefits

Singing requires you to be aware of your body and how your body reacts to certain control. If you are singing, your thyroid gland is stimulated, and this stimulation helps promote a balanced metabolism.

Singing also provides a muscle workout in your face, neck, throat, and jaw which will help you look younger. Great benefit, huh?

These benefits are just a few associated with singing. Now that we have explored the benefits, we can talk about song choice for Karaoke.

I am not a great singer, but I love to Karaoke. This issue can cause distress to my fellow Karaoke singers, but I have three songs that I cannot mess up. I choose these songs because there is a lot of talk/singing, smooth notes, repetitive chants, and a lot of shouts that are involved in each one.

500 Miles by The Proclaimers

This song is a perfect blend of rhythm and sing/talk to create a shield for the awful singer. This song also is well known to Karaoke singers, so some others may join in to cover your voice.

It’s Gonna Be Me by ‘N Sync

This song just requires screaming at the top of your lungs the words “You might’ve been Hurt, BABE/That ain’t no lie.” repeatedly.

Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus

This song is sung by Miley is a lower register making it easy for girls and boys to sing. It also has a lot of repetition to make it easier to remember.

With the benefits of Karaoke and these songs, anyone can go out and enjoy Karaoke without embarrassing themselves. Good Luck.

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